The Werx Project for PHP


Werx is a micro-framework for PHP 5.4+. It brings together the building blocks you need to build a PHP application without all the overhead and learning curve associated with the big PHP frameworks.


I’ve combined some of the best composer packages I could find to provide most of the core functionality:

In addition to the above third party packages, I’ve also released a few component packages myself. As much as I wanted to strictly use third party components, I’ve found instances where it made more sense to release my own reusable packages.

  • Configuration Management
    • Multiple Environment Support (local, test, prod, etc)
    • Extensible configuration providers (array and json supported out of the box)
  • Email Abstraction
  • Forms
    • Framework agnostic form helpers.
  • Messages
    • Display various types of messages in a web app.
  • Url Builder
    • Uses rize\UriTemplate for the heavy lifting of expanding urls with additional functionality to make it easier to build action and asset urls to resources within your application.
  • Validation
    • Provides set of standard validation methods and an input validation engine.