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Use this as a clean starting point in your Werx-based projects.


This library is on Packagist at werx/skeleton. It can be installed with composer.

Easy Installation

Just run the composer create-project command.

$ composer create-project werx/skeleton your-directory-name --stability=dev

Alternate Installation

Clone the repo and run composer install.

$ git clone [email protected]:werx/skeleton.git your-directory-name
$ cd your-directory-name
$ composer install --stability=dev --prefer-dist

The default base namespace of your new app skeleton is werx\Skeleton. You can easily change the namespace in all files using the provided install.php after downloading this project.

$ cd your-directory-name
$ php install.php "Your\AppNamespace"

Of course, replace Your\AppNameSpace in the above command with whatever you want to use as your base namespace.

IMPORTANT : Make sure your new namespace is quoted in the install command as shown above.

If all went well, you should be able to point your browser at the directory where you installed the app and be rewarded with the welcome page.